Handun Villas Restaurant offers serenity and satisfaction, complete with every opportunity to indulge your taste buds in traditional Southern SriLankan food. Meals are lovingly prepared by chefs from the South who give every dish the stamp of home-grown authenticity.


A typical SriLankan breakfast menu would have a selection of heart-warming Milk Rice made with generous amounts of coconut milk, String-hoppers and Pol Rotti, along with traditional accompaniments like Pol Sambol and Lunumiris.


Other firm favorites are the traditional Rice and Curry, prepared with fresh homegrown vegetables picked from the vegetable garden on the premises. These delectable curries are accompanied by traditional greens like Gotukola Sambol and Kankun Mallung, along with the sharp flavours of chutneys, Sinhala pickles and Lunu Dehi. Crispy golden Papadams add a layer of texture to round off a wholesome and flavoursome meal. A wide variety of grilled seafood and aromatic Tuna steak are also available, and are among the popular selections on the menu.


A fitting end to the sumptuous meal would be a feast of Curd slathered in treacle, a favorite Sri lankan dessert. Tropical Fresh Fruits and Juices offer a refreshing interlude and are available on order throughout the day.


Aside from enjoying the delectable meals on offer, you can also attend a master-class in preparing traditional Sri lankan curries with the local Chef in attendance, an entertaining pastime for the whole family.

Handun Villas Restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner
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Phone : + 94773470830 or ‭+94 41 493 3016‬
Email : r3nholdings@gmail.com


Handun Beach Restaurant & bar is the new kid on the block in Talalla South, Sri Lanka. Offering

Whether it’s a thirst quencher, revitalizer, hunger buster or just a light snack, Handun Beach’s menu has it all.  Discover a variety of fresh fruit juices made from homegrown fruits, which also find their way into tantalizing mocktails with a splash of local flavour. Kick back and relax on golden sands while enjoying the ever-popular Beach Detox, a mocktail comprising of spinach, pineapple, avocado and coconut water with ice. These, together with an array of flavoured milkshakes, ice teas and coffee, are all available to quench your thirst. If you are in the mood for something with a little more bite to it, a variety of cocktails are also available, including one made with local Sri Lankan alcohol called Arrack Shower.


The Food Menu comprises of delicious fusion cuisine, boasting flavours from Japan, Thailand, China, Sri Lanka and Europe. You can experience the variety starting from the Entrée section, where you can choose from sushi, hot butter cuttlefish, wasabi and soy sauce flavoured prawns, vegetable and feta stuffed shitake mushrooms, and local fish fillet, among others. A choice of salads and soups together with an interesting array of burgers, wraps and sandwiches, with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are available. Mains offer a variety to please most palettes, ranging from Sri Lankan Jaffna Crab Curry to chicken and lamb souvlaki, Thai and Chinese sea food specialties as well as pastas and lasagna.


The Dessert Menu offers many delectable sweet treats with a local twist, like Crème brûlée with caramelized banana and caramel sauce, exotic avocado Ice cream, Coconut ice cream and many others. Come savour the best in culinary delights at Handun Villas.


Head down to Talalla on your next holiday, and enjoy a rejuvenating break at Handun Villas & restaurants. Let your senses be indulged, as they take you back in time to experience the delightful tranquility of traditional Sri lankan living of the yesteryear.

Handun Beach Restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner
Call or email to reserve your table
Phone : + 94773470830 or +94 ‭41225 8709‬
Email : r3nholdings@gmail.com